Pixel Propaganda

General / 27 October 2014

When I was updating my blog regularly I used to include a short section at the end called 'pixel propaganda' where I'd link to a bunch of things I thought were worth sharing. During the height of my dissertation career I was consuming a large amount of video game criticism from the blogosphere, and my favourite writers became regular features in that post blog round up of my weekly word intake.

In the present day I don't read as much games writing as back then, but still more than most people I know. Less theory and design, more culture and journalism. Here are some of my favourite writers currently, people whose opinions and critical ability I respect and enjoy, and people whose style of prose is engaging and/or witty.

Cara Ellison

- Atmospheric embedded journalism with some of the most interesting developers and people in games today. Zeitgeisty, is probably the buzzword you'd put on the poster. Also funny and acutely personal

Leigh Alexander

- Writing that feels crammed with the kind of truths your brain is just on the edge of discovering, but just needed that extra insightful nudge into realisation.

Mattie Brice

-Uncompromising and honest critiques of game tropes, design, and culture. Often approaching things in ways you hadn't considered.

Kirk Hamilton

- Putting the romantic and the poetic into the video game essay. Always exploring new formats and structures with which to understand games.

Matt Lees

- The friendliest of video game voices, there is just something good inside these words.

In light of recent events, one of the above writers pointed out that the best way to show support in the face of all the harassment and abuse would be to critically engage with a person's writing, and respectfully consider their opinions. Rather than merely acknowledging their pain and offering feeble commiserations. I've listed these critics here so you can do just that.