No Leg To Stand On

General / 24 February 2015

I recently came into possession of my Dad's old camera,  as he discards this older shell for a newer- more featured and less defunct one, like a photographic hermit crab.

As part of the adobe software bundle I use for work I get a copy of Lightroom, a photography editing and cataloguing package that I thought I'd get to know a bit better, along with the new camera.

I was inspired by the mixture of traditional portrait  and digital brush work in this image by artist Flora Borsi:

So I thought I'd shoot a couple of images and have a go at my own.

Its nice to be be able to produce something vaguely creative in an hour or two while more long-form projects churn on in the background. If I go too long without finishing something, its good to pick up a camera and make things like this.